Carpet Repairs

carpet-stretchingCarpet One Cleaning also specializes in carpet repairs.  Ever found a ripple in your carpet or other areas where the carpet seems to have lost its stretch?  We’ll get your carpet to lay flat again with a restretch and trim.  Saving the expense of new flooring by bringing the proper look to existing carpet.

Maybe you have a permanent stain or discoloration in your carpet.  Or perhaps a burn or zipper pull of the carpet fibers.  We can make those repairs for you as well to eliminate the problem.

If you’ve had water damage, put in new cabinets, or for any other reason your carpet has been pulled back, we can reinstall the carpet, with or without new pad and tackstrip.  Even if your carpet connects with a hard surface floor and needs a gradual ramping of the carpet to the raised floor level, we can complete that repair to gently slope the floors for a  better transition.

For all of your carpet repair needs, think of Carpet One Cleaning first for the best, professional service.